New Years Resolutions

by Susyn on December 31, 2011

Another year is ending and 21012 is hours away.  2012 is said to mark a New Age.  To some it is the End Times, for others the Age of Aquarius.  Some believe the end of the Mayan Calendar is simply an astronomical occurrence  while others define it as the end of civilization as we know it; still others say that while it marks an end it is a gateway to a new beginning of peace and cooperation among all people.

Whatever you may believe, isn’t now the time to enrich your life by affirming and committing to your Inspired Life Vision.  At the very least, living your vision offers you the possibility of greater joy, fulfillment and happiness.  And, at best, as you put your stake in the ground for living a more peaceful and loving life, your consciousness generating your actions contributes to the collective consciousness and love grows and peace expands for all.

So as you declare and affirm your resolutions for the New Year – dream big, give voice to your heart song and say YES to living your inspired life.

And to honor the New Year I am happy to share with you a recording Ryan Weiss and I recently made on New Year’s Resolutions.  This is the first of weekly conversations we have committed to record as part of Bridging the Gap:  Conversations Across Generations.

Click Here to Listen to our New Year’s Resolution Conversation

We would love to hear from you – so please share your New Year’s Resolution and let us know how we can support you to live aligned with your Inspired Life Vision during the 2012.

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