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by Susyn on May 1, 2012

I recently became aware of a new book that inspired me on the spot.   It was written by Suzanne O’Brien, a certified Reiki Master, Reconnective Healer tm, Medium, Animal Intuitive, Artist, etc… who has been helping people for years to tap into their own innate healing abilities and develop a deeper understanding of our connection to all beings.

Suzanne discovered these abilities after awakening from a life threatening surgery and meeting her, guardian angel. She’s put her story together in a fascinating, uplifting, inspirational hope-filled book called “A Heavenly Presence-a Story of Healing, Awakening, Angelic Visitation and Spiritual Discovery”!

Today, May1st, when you order this True, fascinating, extraordinary, eye opening book, you will receive TONS OF FREE BONUS GIFTS from people like myself who have partnered with Suzanne on her book launch because we believe in the power of her book to help uplift, inspire and show you that hope is never lost, faith can be renewed, and all things truly are possible!

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 Here’s what Suzanne has to say about her book:  “I wrote A Heavenly Presence because during my many years helping people as an energy healer and receiving messages from “beyond”, I realized that the cause of most people’s unhappiness, depression, anxiety, anger, and frustration with their health, their relationships, their career and their finances  is doubt in a higher power and their own God given abilities.

Most people get in their own way. They look to the outer World and others for joy, peace, and healing as opposed to within. I realized that after all I’ve gone through and learned from “beyond”, was something that could benefit a great many people, particularly those who repeatedly buy self-help books but don’t get the results that they desire and become disappointed ending up in a state of despair.

I think my story shows that you’re never alone. It may not always seem easy, but when you learn to let go and trust, that’s when you begin to see more and more Miracles manifesting in your life.”

 What I absolutely LOVE about Suzanne’s story is that it’s told in a straightforward and honest way. She doesn’t sugarcoat the lows, yet is still able to convey a positive, inspirational and hopeful message, showing that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, even if we presently do not see it. And that there is definitely more to life than meets the eye.

Today’s the day to make a renewed commitment to your positive and hopeful outlook on life. GO RIGHT NOW to, purchase A Heavenly Presence download all the FABULOUS BONUS GIFTS which are AVAILABLE TODAY, and be inspired with renewed hope and faith!

I was so inspired when I learned about Suzanne and her new book that I scheduled an Inspired Life Interview with her.  Listen to our conversation:


MP3 File


ALL things truly are Possible!

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