Baby Boomer and Generation Y: Bridging the Gap

by Susyn on January 13, 2012

I’m a baby boomer and Ryan Weiss is a generation Y guy.  We met in the spring and, you know how is it with some people, from the moment you meet there is a connection that feels like home – familiar – this is true for us.  And the label that most clearly expresses the quality or our connection is God Mother & God Son.

I have decades of experience on my personal spiritual path and as a women, daughter, sister, step-mother, wife, divorcee, grandmother, single heterosexual women, InterFaith Minister, Transformational Coach, corporate consultant and author to name some of the roles I have played in my life.  Ryan’s roles include son, brother, triplet, uncle, gay man, friend, Broadway performer, film producer, Life Coach, student and teacher of A Course in Miracles.

From the moment we met we have had conversations that inspire us, allow us to explore what is most meaningful and dear to hearts, tickle our funny bone and express our appreciation for the gifts of living an inspired life.  In December, 2011 we decided to record some of our conversations as a reflection of our commitment to bridge what is often experienced as a generation gap.

So here we are a baby boomer and a generation Y guy inviting you to listen in on our conversation – post your comments, ask questions and for now add your voice, via this blog, to our conversation.

Bridging the Gap:  Conversations Across Generations – Who Are You?



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