Are You Ready for a Spiritual Sanctuary and Spa?

by Susyn on May 28, 2012

When I started my spiritual journey, many decades ago, I was delighted to discover a world that started to make sense to me. Yet I found it so isolating.  None of my friends and family really understood this world and I hesitated to speak about all the exciting things I was discovering – I was afraid they would think I was becoming a wierdo!

Gradually I sought out like minded women who understood exactly what I was going through because they were going through it too!   Since that time, particularly through the power of the internet, I have connected with and supported and received support from women all over the world who walk this path with me.

Our spiritual journeys can often leave us feeling out of sorts with the life we’ve lived and uncertain of how to navigate this new territory.  That is why I have joined with 7 women from the UK and the US to create the Spiritual Sanctuary and Spa – to reach out to others who are feeling as we did when we stepped on this path.

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We are all here to be of service to you, sharing our spiritual gifts and talents to support you on your journey.  We offer healing  and care for you, teaching techniques across many modalities, some of which you may not have experienced before.

We are your “Sanctuary” from the pressures and frantic pace of every day life; a safe haven where you can find peace and emerge feeling whole and ready to face your life re-newed.

We are a “Spa” where you can pamper yourself with self care and healing treatments.  You will always find something new, something to restore you, lift and energize you.  Our monthly schedule of events will be Divinely guided and provide a constant source of material in all formats, including virtual live events, to help you navigate the quickening energies of today.

In our Spa:

  • you’ll relax and chat with old friends or make new ones in our on-line forum
  • you’ll read interesting articles from our ever growing library of articles
  • you’ll be able to prepare healthy and nutritious food when you follow our guidelines on what your body really needs
  • you’ll indulge in self care through our monthly treatments of healing, guided meditations, live coaching and other  events

We are launching this service with an introductory TeleSummit and a Virtual Spa Day.   Come and meet our team of experts who will hold and guide you.  Hear our stories and how we transformed our  struggles into stepping stones to lives grounded in a spiritual center.  Explore how we really can help you to live your inspired life.

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