On My Own – I Am Ready

by Susyn on June 17, 2014

Tuesday, June 17 2014 – 5 Days After Completing the Cleanse and

I am now in another phase of Loving My Body – this is the phase where I continue to use what I have learned.  This is the time where, in the past, I have gotten lazy and have been easily seduced by the patterns of old.   Sometimes the seduction took place in a day, other times, weeks, months or even years until the old pattern surfaced in the form of sweets and/or carb binges that lasted and lasted and continued to last until I’d stopped exercising and had gained back more weight than I’d taken off… it was as tho’ the weight I’d lost had found me and was so happy that it added more of itself onto me!

I continue to be following a Cleansing Lifestyle.  So this isn’t about what I have put into my body for the last 5 days, this has actually been the easy part.  The cleansing of my mind continues.  For instance, ScaleI weighed myself once during the cleanse, then again when I completed it 13 lbs pounds lighter.  The next day I moved the scale up to my bedroom (it had been in a closet downstairs).  Where I have now gotten on it numerous times – 3 times this morning (before and after my morning visit to the toilet!).  I weighed 1.1lbs less than when I last was on this scale.  But, I felt an old familiar feeling of disappointment – that clearly makes no logical sense – purely emotional.

Here is a tool, the scale, that I chose to use and even when it was displaying “good news,” I was feeling defeated.  I certainly could continue to follow the exact structure that I followed during the official 21 – Day Cleanse, but at some point I would have to take off the training wheels and ride on my own – trusting my balance and ability to stay on course.

As I think about it, I have been successful at losing weight many, many, many and even many more times in my life.  The challenge for me had been to easily maintain a healthy eating lifestyle and put to rest the inner battle in my thoughts, which then generated my feelings, leading to very poor food choices – which ultimately proved that I was right – I wasn’t thin enough, pretty enough, sexy enough.  Does this sound familiar to anyone?

So today I am at a new level of readiness – I continue to expand my capacity – to Love All of Me, day by day, one meal at a time and for now, the scale is going back in the closet – and I’ll weigh myself once a week.

There’s more to this story. . . while meditating today about being ready on my own this is what I heard, Cleanse your relationship with money and being in a loving relationship.  Yes, I Am Ready – I Am Cleansing All of Me.

What about you:
Is there something holding your back – an I’m not enough-ness belief?
Is there something that you are ready to commit to cleanse?
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I Am Continuing

by Susyn on June 15, 2014

Sunday, June 15, 2014 – Day 3 After the Cleanse

Today is the 3rd day after I completed Elissa Goodman’s 21-Day Cleanse.  As I write, I am sipping a green juice that I made about 10 minutes ago (kale, celery, carrots, apples, lime and ginger).  While it is too early to say, I’ve maintained a cleansing lifestyle for years and years, that is the commitment I envision nourishing each day.  A reflection of my commitment is some of the food I made yesterday – almond milk, almond cheese (it tastes like ricotta – recipes on YouTube), and almond -”faux” – tuna salad.


I’m very excited that I made these almond based foods, since for too long – many, many years, years – while I had known the health implications of a primarily plant/nut/seed/legume/fruit based diet I had been overwhelmed with my not knowing how to do this, and forgetting that once I allowed myself the time to learn it would actually be easy!  (Are you at all like this, impatient with yourself for not knowing how to do something when you haven’t given yourself the time to learn it?)  The truth is, I had the information, I felt overwhelmed with making this change – and losing weight was not a big enough goal for me to continue to put into action the information after my initial weight loss.  By the way, I weigh 13lbs less today than I did 24 days ago!

In addition to making/taking the time to experiment with new recipes, during the past 10 days I have watched many documentaries about food – here’s the list of what I watched (all streaming on www.netflix.com – interspersed with the 2nd season of Orange is the New Black!):

  • Forks Over Knives
  • The Gerson Miracle
  • Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead
  • Hungry for Change
  • Vegucated
  • FoodMatters

As I began my meditation this morning an image of the front entrance of my High School popped into my mind.  KnowledgeIsPowerThese are the words, Knowledge Is Power, that greeted me each school day and have clearly made a lasting impression.  But, as we all know knowledge without action loses it’s power.  I encourage you to watch the documentaries, and if you have experienced an on-going battle with your body and your weight and this has fed your I’m not enough-ness, sign-up for Elissa’s Blog Posts, follow her on Facebook, and get really, really clear about your vision for a loving, healthy relationship with your body.

If you are ready to make this commitment to your body, to your health – to Yourself – I have a gift for you, A 45 minute Complimentary Strategy/Coaching Session (on the phone, Skype or GoogleHangout) to guide you in creating the structure and support to bring your vision of Loving All of You to life.  To redeem this gift, email me at Susyn@SusynReeve.com – in the Subject Line write:  Schedule a Strategy Coaching Session.  I will contact you directly to schedule an appointment time.



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