Are You Waiting to Emerge?

by Susyn on January 10, 2015

Do you feel as though there’s a purpose filled with passion ready to emerge in your life?  If you knew the steps to take to enter fully into your wholehearted purpose, would you?


This inspiring On Purpose interview is with Derek Rydall, author of EMERGENCE: Seven Steps for Radical Life Change and the world’s #1 expert on the revolutionary Law of Emergence.

He has trained top executives at Fortune 500 companies, coached celebrities and media professionals on creating conscious entertainment, and has touched hundreds of thousands around the planet with his message on finding your path, living your purpose, and making a powerful impact!

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Gem of Wisdom:  “You already have everything you could ever need to be all you were created to be.  Take a stand for that today – and ask, If that’s true, how will I show up today?”

One Small Step:  I’ve Already Got It
Shift the paradigm and begin to acknowledge and accept that everything you deeply want you’ve already got. This is the starting point: I have. I am. I can. I am able. It is already here. It’s already now, It’s already happening.

When you find yourself stepping outside of that alignment you just catch yourself and focus on – I’ve already got it. I already am it. It’s already happening.

To practice this, ask an emergence question:

  • If it’s true that I already am, that I already have, that it’s already happening, that I’m enough, then how would I show up?

Favorite Quotes from this Interview:

“The Law of Emergence is an ancient principle. It is what all the great master teachers taught. It’s fundamentally that nothing is missing from you. Everything is already within you. You brought everything you need for all you were created to be – just as every seed has brought what it needs.”

“Like so many people I struggled for many years to figure out what my purpose was – to heal myself, to fix myself, to improve my life and to improve myself into being good enough and worthy enough to live a greater purpose…and rather than improving, it increased my sense of inadequacy. I eventually became addicted to drugs and alcohol and almost died of an overdose.”

“There was a final moment when I knew I was going to drown and all that was left was complete surrender. In that moment something cracked open inside of me. That ego that had been running the show got free from its’ moorings… The man who swam into the ocean that day was not the same man that swam out.”

“The oak tree is already in the acorn – the acorn doesn’t have to figure out its’ purpose. It doesn’t have to go out and attract an oak, become worthy and improve itself. When the acorn surrenders to the soil and the conditions in the soil match that seed pattern, then it naturally emerges.”

“With all of our efforts to get stuff, or fix stuff, or achieve stuff or improve stuff the underlying consciousness is that something is missing, lacking, broken, I’m not enough, I don’t have enough, life isn’t enough.”

“[Instead] Our starting point is, I already have it all, I already am it all, it’s already happening. Now let me align myself in thoughts, words and actions and environment so it’s a match for that.”

“You don’t get what you want, you get who you are.”

“As long as you are a problem solver you are going to be stuck at the level of the problem. As you become a vision holder – you capture a vision of the larger possibility.”

“The word desire comes from the root, of the fire, of the creative principle, or from the heavens. Which means that your most burning desires are not a sign that there is something outside of you that you need to get but a sign of what is inside of you trying to get out.”



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The Call to Be Greatful

by Susyn on November 24, 2014

With Thanksgiving just a few days away here in the USA, I am grateful for the wonderful opportunity I had to be interviewed by Janet Conner, on her radio show, The Soul-Directed Life.

Whole-Hearted LifeJanet wrote the forward for my new book, The Wholehearted Life:  Big Changes and Greater Happiness Week by Week.  Here’s some of what she wrote,

“When I live a wholehearted life, all of me shows up:  all my love, all my desires, all my gifts, my strengths, my service, my energy, my courage, and, yes even all my weaknesses and fear.  I am present – not little Janet, big Janet -t the whole me, the human me, the divine me, the heart me, the soul me; all of me is present.”

Janet clearly captured what living a Wholehearted Life is all about.

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And wherever you may be this Thanksgiving, whether in a country that is celebrating Thanksgiving or not – give thanks for, in the words of the wonderful poet, Mary Oliver, your one wild and precious life.



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