True Livelihood: Creating Your Highest Work

by Susyn on October 24, 2014

Are you building a business, drawn to starting one, or getting ready for a major career change and toying with the idea of doing your own thing?
Are you questioning if it’s possible to have a business that’s both
fulfilling and financially prosperous?


This lively On Purpose interview is with George Kao, a Coach who helps people create their “true livelihood” – which he defines as work that is emotionally fulfilling, mentally challenging, spiritually growing, and financially sustaining.

He’s the creator of the content-rich YouTube channel called “Our Highest Work” which is about spiritually-based success.

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Gem of Wisdom: 
Re-define success everyday

Do not let the world define success – that you have to reach a six-figure income, that you’ve gotta’ have this size audience. You define for yourself what success is everyday. For me success is spiritual growth through service – was I present and mindful today? – and if I was, then I’ve succeeded.

One Small Step: Use the following questions to motivate and inspire you:

  • If you had only one year left to do your highest work, what would you do?
  • If you had only one year left to share the message you think the world needs to hear more of what would that message be?

Take at least 5 minutes (don’t wait until you think you’ll have more time) to consider and write your response.

Favorite Quotes from this Interview:

“I remember clearly from childhood being in school in a math class and wondering, when are we going to use this in our life? I remember always questioning about purpose.”

“I remember seeing the unhappiness of the adults around me in going to work and coming home from work and I wondered, why do they keep doing that if it’s not fun and they’re not happy. My dad’s answer to me was, I’ve got to chase money.”

“True Livelihood is not just about finding well paying work that we love, it’s also intimately connected to finding happiness without needing lots of stuff.”

“The more we need externally the harder we have to work and the more urgency there is in terms of financial stress. The more we are able to appreciate the current experience we have and enjoy and have a rich inner life and a rich community life the less we need in terms of stuff and actually the more liberation we have in terms of our work.”

“True Livelihood is a partnership between you and the Universe.”

“In terms of our professions there are more people who can support us online than we would ever have time for in the rest of our lives. By support I mean, hire us, buy from us, or get the word out for us.”

“A lot of times it is more effective to start with something that is defined – a narrower niche, a narrower need that you know you can thrive and become one of the best in.  Once you do that well and have credibility there you will then start to see what other things people are asking you for. And then you can expand your business into these other areas.  For me I started with social media as a narrow niche and then there was a demand for webinars, and then I expanded into the more general overall marketing strategies. And now I am thriving as a generalist.”

“There are two paths to reach your True Livelihood, the artist’s path and the entrepreneur’s path.

  • The entrepreneur path starts with a narrow niche and narrow demand and expanding out from there until you have credibility and an audience and you become a generalist to the degree you want to be and you infuse your values into the forefront of your work.
  • The artist path starts out with the internal demand – an inner calling (I would so love to do x,y,&z in the world – whether it is art, a message you want to share, a tool you want to create). Then you bring this into the world and gain visibility until you find your true fans who are drawn to you based on the inner calling you have.”

“The best marketing method is the one that uses your strengths and you enjoy doing it so you will persist in doing it and then become successful.”


  • Visit George’s website:
  • Explore George’s YouTube Channel, Your Highest Work, and all of his training programs, by going to and clicking on the FREE menu tab.

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The Recovery Bonus

by Susyn on October 23, 2014

Most of us are recovering from something:  substance abuse, digital dependence, grief, end of a marriage or career, financial ruin, an eating disorder, a physical ailment or a brain trauma, among others. In the process of this we have the opportunity to connect with our passion and purpose that is the extra bonus of recovery.


This inspiring On Purpose interview is with Ted Taylor, a Certified Life Coach and Positive Psychology Practitioner who has recovered from alcohol addiction, grief and other life challenges.

Today, Ted is living the + (Plus): participating in his Life Purpose,  Spiritual, Physical and Emotional and Financial Well-being. Ted is present, positive, respectful of the past and ever mindful of future opportunities.

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Gem of Wisdom: 
You can live with a broken heart, but you can’t live without a heart.

One Small Step:  Be Present to What Today Has in Store

It is the one bit of information that continues to keep me on the beam – to be present, to be humble, to be honest and to have faith in myself and the Universe. 

I use meditation – it calms me, it centers me and most importantly it gives me the pause that I need to take every single day.  And meditation did not come easy to me.

Favorite Quotes from this Interview:

“A little over eight years ago I came home and my life partner was dead of a massive heart attack at a very young age.  And so the next few years were a real journey.”

“This hit me to the core – to rebuild meant to first of all get into closer contact with myself, to sit in the rooms of AA, to learn how to listen, learn how to be present, to learn how to be judgment-free. This allowed me to get to the core of who I wanted to be.”

“There was always something that didn’t seem to be quite right.  Something just hadn’t healed.  Alcohol became a band-aid. I felt that I was really not using my energy, or my purpose, or my gifts in the most productive way.”

“I’ve changed career, I’ve changed location and certainly I am grateful for recovery – what I am most excited about are the cash and  prizes I got as a result of recovery, and that’s Recovery + (Plus).”

“Positive psychology has become a very important part of my coaching – and of my life.  It is a new field in the psychology arena – it has to do with the ability, or the gifts, or the tools for any of us to flourish.”

“In my case the impetus was the alcoholism.  But after seeking my own life coach, I began to realize the power of grief and how by that not being treated it has an impact on all aspects of our life.”

“Be honest with yourself, be courageous enough to find some help, the right help – whether it’s rehabilitation, AA or another form of recovery – to find a network of people and to be courageous.  To know that the road won’t necessarily be easy but when you get through it – the future is so bright.”

“Community is a integral part of all of this.”

“What I think of legacy is that it is something we leave behind – to family, to friends.  I’m interested in living my legacy – living my legacy today and tomorrow, so when it is time for me to leave a legacy behind, I’ve lived that legacy.” 

We may not be able to write our own eulogy,
but we’re actually writing it all the time.
The question is, how much information are we giving
the eulogizer to work with.
- George Carlin


·         Visit Ted’s website:



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